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Your Rubrik for the Cloud

Your Rubrik for the Cloud

Rubrik has announced their latest revision of their Cloud Data Management solution, version 3.2. The new release has some “Snazzy” new features according to one unnamed source from the Rubrik technical marketing team, but I’m focused mainly on one specific capability in this post. I’ve written about Rubrik several times before and have written some of… Continue Reading

Understanding RAM

I’ve never paid too much attention to the different types of RAM (Random Access Memory) during my tenure as a Systems Engineer but wonder how much time it would have saved me in troubleshooting.  This post is not only an attempt to educate other technicians, but an opportunity to refine my own knowledge of the… Continue Reading

Samsung Series 9 Laptop Review

I’ve almost always preferred HP laptops for work purposes based on how stable they’ve been for me.  But while shopping for my last laptop, I decided to try out the Samsung Series 9.   To be honest, the biggest reason I decided to look at this laptop was the sleek design.  I knew that I… Continue Reading

QLogic 10000 Series Adapters

QLogic has introduced a new product that combines their already reliable Fibre Channel host bus adapters with solid state storage in order to do caching.  Think Fusion-IO cards with a Fibre Channel HBA as well.  (Yes I know that’s an over simplification)     The new QLogic cards come in 2 flavors.  A 200GB SSD… Continue Reading

Baby Dragon Home Lab

My configuration is listed below if anyone is interested in the details.            Similar designs have been done before by both Chris Wahl @Chriswahl and prior to that by Phillip Jaenke @RootWyrm who called them “Baby Dragons“.  I used their base config and made a few tweaks of my own based on pricing, part availability… Continue Reading

New from HP: Project Moonshot

Today HP announced their new initiative called Project Moonshot.             This initiative takes converged infrastructure and puts it on steroids.  Hewlett Packard identified that the amount of compute, power and cooling that is necessary to continue providing resources for Big Data, and mobile platforms is unsustainable at the current rate.  It just isn’t feasible… Continue Reading

February 19th 2013 Announcements

There was some exciting news released today so I wanted to get it in a post in case you hadn’t heard about it yet. The HP Global Partner Conference is going on in Vegas and they release some new gear to accentuate their converged infrastructure model. A new BladeSystem Platinum was announced which will include… Continue Reading

HP Virtual Connect Networks

I gave an overview of how HP blades are mapped to Virtual Connect Interconnect Modules in my last post.  This post focus more on understanding the networks created through HP Virtual Connect Manager. In the last post I described out blade NICs map to the Interconnect Bays in the back of an HP C7000 Chassis… Continue Reading