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OPEN VPN for Home Labs

If you’ve got a home lab to play around in, it’s great to have remote access so that you can try things out from the road.  This might mean purchasing an expensive firewall or VPN appliance but openvpn has a nice 2 user appliance that can be downloaded as an OVF file, right into your… Continue Reading

Internetworking 101 series – Subnets

This is a series of posts designed to help readers understand how the Internet works.  This specific post looks directly at how devices know what machines are on their network segment. In previous posts, we looked at how machines communicate on the same network by utilizing frames, and how machines on different network segments use… Continue Reading

Internetworking 101 series – Collision Domains

This is a series of posts designed to help readers understand how the Internet works.  This specific post looks directly at collision domains. Ethernet uses a process called “Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection” or CSMA/CD for short.  This is a very long way of explaining the process of how network adapters can share… Continue Reading

HP Virtual Connect Throughput

  I want to address a concern that many HP Virtual Connect customers have had about monitoring their Blade Chassis.  A question I’ve received was “How do I know if I have sufficient uplinks for my traffic?” Depending on the size of the organization and their familiarity with their networking equipment, they could be monitoring… Continue Reading

Discovery Protocols

If you find yourself in an unfamiliar network and want to understand how the networks are connected, it would certainly be nice to be able to tell what is connected to each other.  Luckily there are a couple of protocols that are responsible for just that. Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) As you can probably guess… Continue Reading

Flow Control Explained

Until recently, I never paid too much attention to flow control.  I knew that it was used in networking, and that it was a setting that sometimes needed modified when I would puttyhyperterminal into a device, but that pretty much ended my knowledge of the matter.   As the name suggests, “Flow Control” will limit… Continue Reading

How should Network Cables be Labeled?

I’ve recently had to label more network cables than I care to discuss, but found my mind wondering over the best method to label these cables.  I’ve come up with three different ways to label networking cables and wanted to get some thoughts from other Engineers about how they go about this. Method 1:  Same… Continue Reading