vRA 7.3 Endpoints Missing

vRA 7.3 Endpoints Missing

vRealize Automation version 7.3 dropped a few weeks ago and you’re really excited about the new improvements that have been made with the platform. Release Notes for version 7.3 You’ve gone through the upgrade process which is constantly improving I might add but once you log in you find out that your endpoints that you spent so much time building are now missing. Kind of like the ones in my screenshot below.

The important thing to do at this point is not to panic. VMware has a very simple knowledge base article that you can follow to fix all your endpoints.  I found that my fabric groups, reservations and compute resources (all of which depend on the underlying endpoint) were still in tact. Luckily VMware has put out a KB article about the issue and the fix is very simple. Remember again not to panic.

Log into the Windows console of your IaaS Server with the model manager service running on it. Open a command prompt as an administrator. Change to the “C:\Program FIles (x86)\VMware\vCAC\Server\Model Manager Data\Cafe” directory. From there we’ll use the vcac-config tool to register the endpoints by running “vcac-config.exe RegisterCatalogTypesAsync -v”.

Once your endpoints have been registered, you can upgrade them by using the same tool. “vcac-config.exe UpgradeEndpoints -v”. You can see from the screenshot below how quick and easy the fix really is. Your endpoints obviously might look different than mine but it should be the same process.

Once you’re done, refresh your endpoints page and your endpoints should show up again.

Side Note:

If you’re using NSX with version 7.3 remember that it’s now not found in the vSphere endpoints but rather has it’s own endpoint type now. If you drill into the NSX endpoint you’ll see that it has a new “Association” with an existing vSphere endpoint. This isn’t a bug just something new that you might notice when you check on your endpoints.

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