VMware Site Recovery Manager 5.5 Guide

November 4, 2013 2 By Eric Shanks



This is a Site Recovery Manager 5.5 Guide to help understand the design, installation, operation and architecture of setting up VMware SRM 5.5


SRM 5.5 Architecture

SRM 5.5 Installation

SRM 5.5 Site Configuration

SRM 5.5 VM Replication Configuration

SRM 5.5 Array Replication Configuration

SRM 5.5 Virtual Appliance Replication

SRM 5.5 Protection Groups

SRM 5.5 Recovery Plans

SRM 5.5 Bulk IP Customizations

SRM 5.5 Test Recovery

SRM 5.5 Recovery

SRM Gotchas

Official Documentation Links

SRM 5.5 Release Notes

SRM 5.5 Compatibility Matrix

SRM 5.5 Documentation Center

SRM Port Numbers 

SRM Product Page

Additional Resources

Follow these people on Twitter if you are looking for some great resources to learn more about SRM.

@Mike_Laverick Author of “Administering VMware Site Recovery Manager”  BLOG:  mikelaverick.com

@vmKen Senior Technical Marketing Director for VMware DRBC products BLOG: blogs.vmware.com/vsphere/uptime/

VMware Communities SRM

Home Lab

Its one thing to read how to do something, but another to get your hands on the technology.  I have a post on this site dedicated to showing how you can build an SRM site all within a single host with nested ESXi hosts.

Poor Mans SRM Lab