PernixData FVP 1.5 Beta

January 28, 2014 0 By Eric Shanks

pernixdataGood news for all of you eagerly awaiting the next iteration of the PernixData FVP software.  Version 1.5 is now in Beta and you can request the download for your own testing from the following link


Disclosure:  At the time of this writing I am a PernixPro which entitles me to early access to software, licenses or other merchandise.  The thoughts expressed in this post are my own and have not been vetted by PernixData.


Just in case you aren’t familiar with PernixData FVP we’ll provide a quick review.  PernixData is a software based solution used in a VMware vSphere environment that can reduce latency and increase throughput by leveraging host based SSDs.  The software utilizes local Solid State disks to lower latencies to traditional storage arrays.  Think about it, the closer the disks are to the processor, the lower the latency should be, or so the theory goes.

If you’d like to understand this better, please check out my first post on PernixData.