Sony MDS-X10 Giveaway courtesy of Veeam

March 31, 2014 3 By Eric Shanks

We’ll be giving away a pair of the Sony MDR-X10 headphones courtesy of Veeam.  If you’re in the market for a stylish set of shiny new headphones and don’t want to shell out hard earned cash for them, this is your lucky day.SONYMDRveeam

During the top virtualization blog contest I was fortunate enough to win a pair of these to give away on my site.  Here is how you can win a pair of these headphones for yourself.


  1. Tweet a link to your favorite blog post with the hashtag #HollowGives


  1. Post a picture of yourself on Instagram with a piece of swag (T-shirt, stickers, buttons)  and the hashtag #HollowGives.  Be sure to copy @eshanks16 so that I see it.


  1. Tweet a picture of yourself with a piece of swag on twitter with the hashtag #HollowGives


A random winner will be chosen on April 11th and notified via Twitter or Instagram.  Good Luck!