vRealize Automation – Remove UPN Suffix

vRealize Automation – Remove UPN Suffix

May 26, 2015 0 By Eric Shanks

Have you ever tried logging into vRealize Automation and gotten an Incorrect username/password but you’re positive you typed everything in correctly?  You try again and find out that if you put the User Principal Name suffix everything works fine. If you’re using a solution like vRealize Automation and notice the login doesn’t work unless you specify a a User Principle Name (UPN) in the form of [email protected], try the following correction.



Find the SSO server being used by vRA and login to with the [email protected] account. Go to the Administration –> Single Sign-On –> configuration menu. From there, click on the identity sources tab. You should notice that by clicking on the domain name and clicking the “Set as Default Domain” button.




Once you do that, a popup message will show up notifying you that your current default domain will be changed. Click Yes to proceed.





Once the change is made, try logging in again and there should no longer be a need for the UPN suffix.