Welcome to Cloud Field Day 2

Tech Field Day will be presenting Cloud Field Day 2 on July 26th through the 28th in Silicon Valley. If you have the time, please join in on the fun and watch the live stream right here.

The schedule will consist of nine great companies all explaining the ins and outs of their solutions and it’ll get real geeky. The schedule is found below and all times are Pacific US. So be sure to do the conversions.


Wednesday, July 26th8:30am - 9:30am
Wednesday, July 26th11am - 1pm
Wednesday, July 26th3pm - 5pm
Thursday, July 27th10am - Noon
Thursday, July 27th1:30pm - 3:30pm
Thursday, July 27th4pm - 6pm
Friday, July 28th8am - 10am
Friday, July 28th11am - 1pm
Friday, July 28th2:30pm - 4:30pm


If you’re looking for ways to interact, feel free to tweet one of the delegates. They will likely ask your questions to the presenters so you can play along at home.

DelegateTwitter Handle
Ben Kepes@BenKepes
Bryan Krausen@BTKrausen
Eric Shanks@eric_shanks
Ethan Banks@ECBanks
Joep Piscaer@JPiscaer
Julian Wood@Julian_Wood
Justin Warren@JPWarren
Karen Lopez@DataChick
Lino Telera@LinoTelera
Mariusz Kaczorek@Settlersoman
Theresa Miller@24x7ITConnect
Tim Crawford@TCrawford

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