Getting Started with vRealize Automation Course

Getting Started with vRealize Automation Course


If you’re trying to get started with vRealize Automation and don’t know where to get started, you’re in luck. Pluralsight has just released my course on “Getting Started with vRealize Automation 7”, which will give you a great leg up on your new skills. In this course you’ll learn to install the solution, configure the basics, connect it to your vSphere environment and publish your first blueprints. The course will explain why you’d want to go down the path of using vRA 7 in the first place and how to use the solution.

Pluralsight requires a subscription to view all of the great content provided by their many authors, but if you want to try it out first, check out their free trial here.



If you’re already familiar with the solution but just need a hand in configuring certain parts, you can always check out my getting started guide.

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