AWS EC2 Simple Systems Manager Reference

October 2, 2017 3 By Eric Shanks

Please use this post as a landing page to get you started with using the EC2 Simple Systems Manager services from Amazon Web Services. Simple Systems Manager or (SSM) is a set of services used to manage EC2 instances as well as on-premises machines (known as managed instances) with the SSM agent installed on them. You can use these services to maintain state, run ad-hoc commands, and configure patch compliance among other things.

The following posts should get you started using many of the SSM tools. Follow the posts in order from top to bottom since some of them build on each other.


Getting Started with EC2 Systems Manager

EC2 Systems Manager Run Command

Patch Compliance with EC2 Systems Manager

EC2 Systems Manager Parameter Store

EC2 Systems Manager Documents

Using EC2 Systems Manager – State Manager

Manage vSphere Instances with EC2 SSM

EC2 Systems Manager Session Manager


Official Links

EC2 SSM API Reference

Systems Manager User Guide

Systems Manager AWS CLI Reference

PowerShell Command Line Reference

Other Useful AWS SSM Videos