SRM 5.5 Recovery

The day has come where something happened and Site Recovery Manager is required to save the day.  Hopefully, this is a planned migration to a new datacenter and not due to some sort of unfortunate outage.  In any event it should help to know that SRM is available to help fix the situation.

Go to the Recovery Plan and choose the “Recovery” button.  This may also be known as the “Big Red Button”.

A warning message will appear letting you know that this is a serious situation.  Also, if this is a planned migration the option to complete a final replication will be available.



Review the information and click “Start”.



Failover will occur and when done, the VMs should be powered on at the DR site.  The example below shows the OMGNO-VM is now powered of in the DR Site.  Since my example still has access to the production site (not a real disaster) the old OMGNO-VM is still there, but was powered off.



Once the recovery plan has been failed over, a “Recovery Complete” message shows up and will have a list of the recovered VMs, etc.

This screen is important because at some point the original datacenter may become operational again.  If this happens, the “Reprotect” link will save a lot of time.

Reprotect will reverse the direction of replication and make the original datacenter site the new recovery site.  When all of the replication is complete, a second “failover” can be initiated to get back to the production site.



After selecting “Reprotect” a warning message will appear showing the new protection site and recovery sites.



Review the information and click “Start”.



Re-run a failover to get back to the original datacenter.



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