vRO Plugins for Rubrik

vRO Plugins for Rubrik



Fellow Ahead employee Nick Colyer and I built some vRealize Orchestrator plugins for automating the configuration of virtual machine backups with the Rubrik Converged Data Management solution. The plugin will allow you to add virtual machines to existing service level domains. In the future, this plugin will be updated to include the ability to create snapshots on demand, create new SLA Domains and restore VMs all from vRealize Orchestrator. These plugins can be extended to solutions like vRealize Automation so that backup configuration can become of your company’s standard virtual machine build process.

Download the Plugin from Github

NOTE: The first version of this code has been refactored and migrated to Github in Rubrik’s Repository since the time of this initial writing


systemsgameNick Colyer has written a series of blog posts all detailing how to use the vRO plugin and get it working. Please check it out over at SystemsGame.com for instructions




I’ve written a series of posts outlining the process of creating these plugins. The series explains REST, Rubrik and how to use vRO to extend to third party systems. You’ll learn how to build workflows and create your own REST operations.

Part 1 – Learning REST with vRealize Orchestrator

Part 2 – Adding REST Hosts and REST Operations

Part 3 – Building Authentication Workflow for Rubrik

Part 4 – Get VM Information from Rubrik

Part 5 – Assign a VM to a Rubrik slaDomain

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