UCS Director Computing Policy

UCS Director Computing Policy

October 13, 2016 1 By Eric Shanks

The Computing Polices determine how vCPUs and vMEM will be assigned to a virtual machine deployed through UCS Director as well as which clusters and hosts can have virtual machines placed on them.

Add a VMware Computing Policy

To add a computing policy got to the Policies drop down and select “Virtual/Hypervisor Polices” –> Computing. Then select the VMware Computing Policy tab.

You’ll notice that there may be some default VMware computing policies listed here. These can be deleted and you can create your own policies from scratch. VMware computing polices are created by default when you add the cloud.

Click “Add”.

Give the policy a name and description, then select the cloud that its associated with, any resource pools and a filter condition to determine the correct host to land on. Memory typically is used to determine host placement.

Host Node/Cluster Scope: Select a cluster or group of hosts that may be used to deploy virtual machines.

Resource Pool: The resource pool doesn’t have to be selected, but you can select any VMware resource pools you want, or it will select the default “resources” pool at the root of your cluster.

ESX Type: Select ESX or ESXi. SIDE NOTE: you should really be on ESXi by now.

ESX Version: You may be able to filter by ESX/ESXi version here.

Filter Conditions: Select criteria for determining which host will have new virtual machines deployed on them. It’s important to select some criteria to ensure that the hosts are over utilized. Memory Usage %, CPU Usage % and Memory Swap are good options.




Further down on the setup screen, you can select virtual machine options such as:

Permitted Values for vCPUs: This is the number of CPUs that a VM can have. Separated by commas.

Permitted Values for Memory in MB: The amount of virtual memory that a VM can have assigned to it. Separated by commas.

Deploy to Folder: Virtual machine folder in vSphere that new virtual machines will be listed under.


Click Submit and then repeat this process for any additional clouds or policies that are in use.


Computing policies are a requirement for creating a Virtual Data Center in UCS Director. If you have a KVM or Hyper-V infrastructure, these options may be a bit different, but a computing policy for each of these should be created as well.