Cisco UCS Director 6 Guide

Cisco UCS Director 6 is a cloud management platform that can deploy virtual machines and services across vSphere, KVM, Hyper-V and AWS endpoints. UCS Director will manage the orchestration, lifecycle and governance of virtual machines deployed through it and can also help in the automatic provisioning of hardware resources. Cisco has plenty of documentation on how to click the buttons to create constructs used for deployment, but I was not able to find any great resources on what order they should be performed in and why I’m making the choices in the GUI. If you follow this guide in the order of posts listed, it should help you to get a Cisco UCS Director 6 environment setup and be able to use it to deploy virtual resources. This guide does not cover many of the additional benefits that UCSD can provide when dealing with a physical environment. I hope that this guide can give you a good starting point on how the solution works and what you can do with it.




Cisco UCS Director Basic Setup Configurations

Cisco UCS Director Infrastructure Setup

Cisco UCS Director Computing Policies

Cisco UCS Director Network Policies

Cisco UCS Director VMware Storage Policies

Cisco UCS Director System Policies

Cisco UCS Director Cost Models

Cisco UCS Director VMware Management Policies

Cisco UCS Director End User Self-Service Policies

Cisco UCS Director VDCs

Cisco UCS Director Catalogs

Cisco UCS Director Catalog Permissions Assignments

Cisco UCS Director Catalog Request


Additional Resources

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Cisco UCS Director 6 Guide

6 Responses to Cisco UCS Director 6 Guide

  1. Hi Eric,
    Could you please help me to know can we deploy/provision voice/collaboration applications like CUCM and etc using Cisco UCS director or prime service catalog or cloud center if you know please help me that would be great help for me and I would be grateful to you for your help ..looking forward to hearing from you asap

    • It can be done, yes.
      Cisco UCS Director can be coded to deploy servers, execute APIs or run your own custom code.

      I think Cisco UCS Director can help some of the deployment tasks because of what it has out of the box, but you will probably need to write some code to get it up and running. Seems like this is not a trivial task, but can be accomplished.

      I hope this answers your question.

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