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VMware Site Recovery Manager 5.5 Guide

  This is a Site Recovery Manager 5.5 Guide to help understand the design, installation, operation and architecture of setting up VMware SRM 5.5   SRM 5.5 Architecture SRM 5.5 Installation SRM 5.5 Site Configuration SRM 5.5 VM Replication Configuration SRM 5.5 Array Replication Configuration SRM 5.5 Virtual Appliance Replication SRM 5.5 Protection Groups SRM… Continue Reading

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Are you Prepared for Disaster?

Disaster Recovery has never been easier to manage than it is right now.  Virtualization has given engineers a tremendous tool to allow us to almost effortlessly move workloads between datacenters.  Now that we’re virtualizing workloads, we’re now capable of standing up exact copies of our servers in two offices and have them up and running… Continue Reading

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VMware SRM Gotchas

I recently presented my current employers DR Strategy at the Chicago Vmug and had several comments about the gotchas section so I thought I’d get them on the blog for future reference. During our DR Test we found several items that need to be carefully considered when doing a failover to a secondary site.  It… Continue Reading

Poor Man’s SRM Lab (Whitebox)

I really wanted to test out some VMware Site Recovery Manager scenarios and realized that buying SANs, servers and networking equipment was quite expensive.  I also didn’t have a lot of space in my house that was available for running all of this equipment.  After completing my VCP5 I was given a copy of VMware… Continue Reading

VMware Site Recovery Manager Basic Setup

Finally, the idea of running a Disaster Recovery test is manageable.  VMware Site Recovery Manager combined with vSphere has made it possible to test a failover to a warm site without worrying that the DR test itself will cause an outage. Setting up Site Recovery Manager and performing a site failover sounds like a daunting task, but VMware… Continue Reading