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HP v1910-24G CLI Goody lab suffered an outage to the core switch a few weeks ago (an aging Cisco 3750) and I was looking for a replacement that wouldn’t break the bank.  Luckily I found the HP v1910-24G (JE006A) to be more than adequate. One of my main gripes with this switch was that the Command Line Interface… Continue Reading


A secured, remote connection to your data is a requirement for almost all network designs these days.  Mobility, telecommuting and late night help desk calls have created an environment that needs to have access to the local network in a secure fashion.  vCNS Edge can provide these services to your virtual infrastructure. In previous posts,… Continue Reading

vCNS Edge Network Address Translation

VMware vCloud Networking and Security (vCNS) can provide Network Address Translation (NAT) services from the vCNS Edge appliance. There are two types of NAT that the edge appliance can provide. Destination NAT (DNAT) is used to provide access to a private IP Address from a (usually) public IP Address for incoming traffic. Source NAT (SNAT)… Continue Reading


One of the most basic tasks that happens on a network is assigning IP Addresses.  Once a VMware vCNS Edge appliance has been deployed, you can now hand out IP address through Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP). In previous posts, I’ve walked through installing vCNS Manager and installing vCNS Edge appliances.  These are prerequisites to… Continue Reading

Deploy vCNS Edge

vCloud Networking and Security has the capabilities to provide edge services inside of your virtual environment.  Edge firewalls, network address translation, DHCP, routing are all things that vCNS Edge can do for you.  This post goes into the steps necessary to deploy vCNS Edge. I should mention that vCNS and the previous name vShield may… Continue Reading

vShield Endpoint – Trend Micro Deep Security (Part 1)

If you’re a vSphere Administrator and have compliance regulations to deal with, vShield Endpoint might save you a lot of hassle.  From my own experience with PCI-DSS, it was important to limit the cardholder data environment scope.  The fewer devices that touch credit card data, the fewer items that had to be protected.  In the… Continue Reading

Getting started with vCNS

VMware has a very nice solution for managing network access between virtual machines.  In a physical environment, blocking access between servers would require routing network traffic through a firewall.  This might mean several vlans, subnets and routes.  Luckily now that many infrastructures are virtual we have an alternative.  vCloud Networking and Security (vCNS) is a… Continue Reading